UNCTAD estimates that Africa needs over $200 billion in investment to achieve the UN SDGs and Covid-19 has added a further $150 billion to the bill.

Investment alone does not create development. How capital is applied, to which entities, and how impact is measured will determine the pace of progress towards the SDGs.

”We believe the wellbeing and prospects of millions of people in Africa can be transformed by applying thoughtfully structured, flexible growth capital to well-run businesses to create scale and impact. This is why BluePeak Capital was established and this is what drives us”

Our Sustainability Agenda

We focus on generating positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return

Embedded ESG Factors

BluePeak believes that ESG factors positively contribute to investment performance, as well as to help build a more stable, sustainable business and inclusive global economy. Our ESG practice is governed by its Environmental and Social Management System, which is based on IFC’s Sustainability Framework and Performance Standards.

Impact Driven Strategy

BluePeak proactively identifies areas where positive impact can be achieved. Clear measurable key performance indicators are defined for all of the investments to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on SDG 5, 8 and 13.

Through its flagship fund, BluePeak Private Capital Fund SCSp qualifying as a 2X Challenge Fund, BluePeak is affirming its clear and imminent commitment to advancing women’s economic empowerment and promoting gender equity both at BluePeak and within its portfolio companies.