At BluePeak, our approach to sustainability unlocks scale, impact, and longevity for well-run businesses. We deliver positive outcomes and more resilient returns by taking action to improve the well-being and long-term prospects of people and the planet. 

ESG Framework

BluePeak applies the best practices of responsible investment and leads with an ESG-integrated approach.

An ESG-integrated approach

is fundamental to our investment strategies, performance and contributes to creating a more sustainable future.

Dedicated teams

within BluePeak govern our environmental and social management system (ESMS), which builds on the IFC’s Sustainability Framework to provide insights to inform responsible investment decision-making, reporting and risk mitigation throughout the investment cycle.

At BluePeak

we consciously deploy capital to maximise and analyse the value and impact our work brings to economies, people and the planet.

We welcome the EU regulation on sustainability-related discourses in the financial services sector (SFDR) as a true
catalyst driving the integration of ESG risks into the investment decisions.

BluePeak Private Capital Fund is classified as an Article 8 under SFDR, and we continue to advocate and embed ESG into our mission.

We are proud

to be recognised as an active partner, practising a rigorous Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy since inception.

As an advocate for more transparency, BluePeak is compliant with recognised international standards.

Impact Driven Strategy

BluePeak invests with intent; we identify opportunities that generate impact in critical areas, including gender equality, job creation and climate action – to ensure that we play our part in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Every project we design
maximises economic, social and environmental
impact alongside a financial return.


To ensure that conscious capital effectively meets the evelopment challenges and rising opportunities that the Fund and our investor base support - BluePeak targets three strategic focus areas - to invest in resilience, climate action and inclusive economies.

We monitor impact-oriented themes that respond to the countries and companies we serve. As part of our approach, we track and report performance in line with the SDGs for each investment we make, the Fund and BluePeak as an organisation.

The Fund qualifies as a 2X Challenge fund and adopted gender smart investing at the firm and portfolio level. We implement programmes, initiatives and reporting to encourage inclusion and strengthen our approach to gender smart investing.


BluePeak actively measures and demonstrates impact management as a committed member, signatory and advocate of market-shaping initiatives and coalitions such as UN Principles for Responsible Investment, the Operating Principles for Impact Management, and the 2x Challenge.